Toshiba 310-ton electric plastic injection molding press

Toshiba 310-ton electric plastic injection molding press

Minneapolis, MN — January 19, 2015 — Diversified Plastics, Inc. has added a Toshiba 310-ton electric plastic injection molding press to their production facility, which reduces power consumption. This machine replaces a similarly sized hydraulic press and is the fourth electronic press the company has added in recent years.

“The new machine gives us the ability to produce larger parts than our other electric presses and it can operate in a clean or white room,” said Mark Gremmels, director of operations at Diversified Plastics. “The electric press can produce plastic parts that are more accurate, consistent and of higher quality over its hydraulic counterpart. This improved performance can help reduce piece part prices because it runs faster and can do simultaneous operations, such as ejecting parts while opening — something hydraulic presses can’t do.”

One of the many benefits of an electric press is the reduction in power consumption. The electric motor and hydraulic pump run constantly in a hydraulic press, while an electric press uses servo motors that operate only when motion is needed. “You save close to half the cost of electricity of a similarly sized hydraulic press,” Gremmels points out. “Our new press requires an electrical load of 43 amps while the hydraulic equivalent would need about 75 amps of power. And, since there is no hydraulic oil to cool in an electric press, no oil cooling units are necessary. On a hydraulic press of this size about six tons of cooling would be necessary, but with the electric press there is zero cooling.”

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