3D printing plastic press

3D printed mold inserts in the plastic press

Minneapolis, MN — October 29, 2013 — Diversified Plastics, Inc. has expanded their prototyping services with the recent addition of a Stratasys Objet260 Connex 3D Printer to produce prototype parts and mold components.

Using 3D printing technology, Diversified Plastics can create prototypes that simulate diverse mechanical and physical properties, from rubber to rigid and transparent to opaque. A high level of detail and final product realism can be accomplished using 120 types of digital materials, and up to 14 types of materials can be printed simultaneously in a single part. Mike Bartell, tooling manager at Diversified Plastics, says the 3D printer technology is highly precise and can achieve tolerances of .0005 inches for small details and .005 inches for larger details. “These tight tolerances are due to the very thin layers of printed material,” adds Bartell. “Ultra thin layers create a part that is completely nonporous with 100% density. Density is one of the factors that allow injection mold cavities to be created for short-run prototype injection molding. Also, thin layering and density are responsible for producing a smooth surface finish.”

3D printed mold components and part

3D printed mold components and part

“We’re taking rapid prototyping to the next level,” said Annette Lund, vice president. “We have the ability to print 3D mold components, which allows us to produce injection molded prototype parts using the product’s final plastic material. Thanks to this innovative prototyping approach, our customers will save time and money to prove not only the product design, but identify possible molding issues without long lead times.”

About Diversified Plastics, Inc.

Employee-owned Diversified Plastics is a custom injection molder of high-precision, close tolerance, small- to medium-sized injection molded components for medical device, filtration, aerospace and a variety of other industrial markets. The 36-year-old company is a full-service contract manufacturer, from design assistance and mold construction, to intricate molding and clean room assembly. Diversified Plastics is ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 certified, ITAR certified, and UL registered.